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Интернет-магазин Алёнка

Интернет-магазин Алёнка
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Интернет-магазин Алёнка

Alenka is getting closer! Throughout Russia, we realize sweet tooth dreams of an affordable store full of sweets and other sweets. Supermarkets "Alenka" to the brim are filled with a variety of delicacies - familiar from childhood "Red Riding Hoods", "Inspirations", "Cows" and new trend novelties, in particular, fitness products for adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

The firm stores "Alyonka" are part of the holding company "United Confectioners", which includes 19 Russian factories, most of them are the oldest and most respected: Red October, Rot Front, Confectionery Concern Babaevsky, Yasnaya Polyana Factory and others.

"Alyonka" is a completely new format for confectionery shops for Russia. The first supermarket of sweets "Alyonka" was opened in December 2015 and already in the first months of its work has gained a frenzied popularity among buyers. During the first year of the network, more than a hundred stores were opened all over the country, the online store "Alyonka" began to operate, and this is only the beginning!

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Date Added:31 Jul 2017

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