To install the extension DEPO120 and never miss a cashback!X

Карта DEPO120

Order and use the DEPO120 card all over the world where the MasterCard logo is present. Convenient and easy control of your card account from personal DEPO120 cabinet. Pay for shopping, transfer money from the personal cabinet of DEPO120 to friends or relatives without commissions and instantly.

Cash Back shopping

Pay for the DEPO120 card at your favorite stores * and get a cashback of up to 40% of the cost of your shopping.

Affiliate program

Participate in DEPO120 affiliate program. Invite friends and acquaintances and get up to 20% of the cost of the purchase they paid for * with the DEPO120 card.

Personal credit offer

Use the DEPO120 card and get a personal loan offer for a revolving credit line at 0% per annum (without interest for using credit funds). The day fee of only $ 0.10 . Regardless of your place of residence and credit history.

Mortgage loan

True friends who constantly use DEPO120 products will receive a personal mortgage offer without a down payment, with 0 percent interest.

* cashback for personal purchases and purchases of friends is accrued only when paying for a purchase with a DEPO120 card in the partner companies of the project. A full list of partners can be found in the catalog on the website

Заказать карту 40$